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“We operate Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club and have had a mutual business partnership with One Energy for the last 2 years who for the  2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons have been our main club sponsor.

We utilised the services of One Energy to source our gas and electricity for our stadium, The Halliwell Jones Stadium which has a capacity of 15,200.

Due to the nature of our premises, our utilities are one of our largest outgoings per year so ensuring these costs are low and our utilities well managed is key.

One Energy have greatly assisted us with this providing a personalised, hands on, hassle free account management experience. The team at One Energy have provided a fantastic service to ourselves and their partnership with is is greatly appreciated. As a large business user of gas and electricity, we would be comfortable recommending them to other businesses.”

Our selected sales team provide vast industry experience so we can offer any scale business improved energy efficiency and competitive energy costs.


Low Prices

Our aim is to always deliver competitive prices by constantly monitoring and researching the ever changing energy market.

Customer Support

We ensure all One Energy customers receive the best possible help, advice and support with emphasis on the personal touch.

Industry Expertise

Our sales team provide a combined wealth of industry experience so we can offer the best possible deals to suit your requirements.

Our Planet

By taking small, eco friendly steps, our goal is to give a little back to make our planet a better and greener place to live.


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