You may not know this, but One Energy have been providing energy to businesses all over the UK for the past 15 years.

We have identified that businesses experience all sorts of huge problems when dealing with their energy supplier. These problems include;

  • Estimated bills resulting in overcharges
  • Businesses with multiple sites have multiple bills that are difficult to manage
  • Businesses with multiple sites have multiple contract end dates that are misaligned and again difficult to manage
  • Having to speak to many customer services representatives in order to resolve one problem.
  • Suppliers treating individual businesses as a number and not managing them as their business needs require in order for maximum efficiency.

The brains at One Energy have decided that there is no need for any of these problems and have designed a system where the individual needs are at the heart of a resolution.

Not only have One Energy become specialists in helping businesses manage their energy needs, we have also solved the issue of large business groups having to manage multiple bills from different companies.

One Energy – One Bill

For those businesses that do no have time to trawl through several energy bills and understand them, One Energy has a solution.

All sites on one bill, one price and one contract end date.

This takes the stress from trying to juggle several bills, saving time and allowing energy to be spend elsewhere on more important aspects of running your business.

We also specialise in business energy for all businesses, especially the care sector, hospitality and leisure industries.

Our promise is that we will treat an individual business as that – an individual and will tailor a package to suit your individual business requirements.

We understand that one business may need to be managed and billed completely differently from another.

Using our experience, we are able to use the different tools we have developed to ensure that our clients are getting exactly what they need to make their lives easier and energy bills more manageable.

We pride ourselves on being different from energy suppliers and being a provider of energy gives us the extra flexibility needed to make sure our clients are stress free.