I'm already in a contract so I am unable to transfer to One Energy

Even if you are already in a contract with another supplier, we can still take over. We only need a letter of authority signing by you. We send the letter of authority over to your current supplier who then allows us to add the One Energy address and payment details to the account.

You stop receiving invoices from your supplier and no more payments from you go to them. No cancellation fees are incurred as the contract ha nor been breached. You are then billed directly by One Energy with what prices you have agreed to. On some occasions we may need you to make a call or email to the supplier to ensure that the letter of authority goes on.

Why do you need to see my recent invoice?

The invoice will show us the type of meter that you have. It will show you rates and usually your contract end date. All of this information helps us to decide which of our tools to use to help you save money once you transfer to One Energy.

How can you offer a discount on our current rates?

Honestly, we make a loss on the contract that you are currently in. Once that contract has ended, One Energy move your supply to our own internal shipping agreements that we have in place with certain suppliers. You are then billed to the price that you have agreed with One Energy. You are billed by One Energy for the entire duration of this process.

Which suppliers do you use?

We use a variety of suppliers. As you are billed directly by One Energy for the duration of your contract with One Energy there is actually no need for you to worry about this.

I have tried to call the supplier directly and they will not speak to me

The direct supplier will not speak to you as you have a contract with One Energy and One Energy has a contract with the supplier directly.  One Energy would not be able to speak to anyone else regarding your contract. One Energy has contracts with suppliers who can only speak to One Energy. Just like your contract, if anyone apart from One Energy calls the supplier about the contract One Energy has in place, the supplier is unable to discuss anything due to data protection

Should I employ the services of an energy broker?

We recommend that you absolutely do not use brokers to help you get a “better deal” on your energy rates.  In our 15 years of experience we have found that brokers are only looking out for their own commissions. We have had contracts breached by brokers and clients finding themselves in a worse position due to the services of brokers. If there is anything that you are unhappy about then please call us and let us know immediately so that we can resolve any issues you have, that’s what we are here for.

Can I leave One Energy before my contract has ended?

First and foremost we would need to know why you would like to leave early. If there is anything that we can resolve or improve then we will endeavour to. However, if you move away from One Energy whilst in contract then this would be considered a breach of the contract and termination fees would be issued. Once these were paid then the supply would be released.

What are termination fees and how are they calculated?

We would have to calculate termination fees if the contract were to be breached. This can be due to a number of factors and there would be an opportunity to rectify the breach if it all possible.  If termination fees had to be calculated as a last resort, then we would simply estimate the amount of energy you would use for the remainder that your contract would have been in place for at the price that you had agreed. We would then offset that against the price that One Energy were paying for the same amount of energy and charge you for the difference.

What is so special about One Energy?

One Energy is not a direct supplier. This gives us the flexibility to be able to help businesses. Direct suppliers will offer prices and contract lengths and that will be it until the time comes for your renewal date when you will receive an automatic renewal letter with renewal prices. One Energy is more flexible. We are able to amend contract end dates and vary prices depending on the market. We are able to reduce rates if the market allows us to.

One Energy is also the main supporters of the community foundation programme at Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club. We support the schools programme by sponsoring the free sports programme that they run. This year we have also supported the elf run that raised thousands of pounds for St Rocco’s Hospice based in Warrington.

I have more than one business and keeping track of all of the end dates is confusing. Can you help?

Because we treat all of our clients as individuals and we are a flexible company, we are able to offer our multi business customers one unified end date, so you only have to only remember one.

What should I do in an emergency?

If you smell gas or suspect a leak then call the National Gas Emergency Helplime on 0800 111 999.

If you experience a power cut then call 105 (free) to get help and advice from your local network operater.

What is your complaints procedure?

One Energy – Complaints Procedure

In the unfortunate event that you feel that there is need for complaint; please find below our complaint’s procedure process.

In the first Instance

Please contact you account manager directly in one of the following ways:

Your account manager will initially try to help you and resolve any issues or areas of dissatisfaction.


In the second Instance

If you are not happy with the resolution of your complaint in the first instance, then please put your complaint in writing and elevate the complaint to the complaint’s manager:

Head of Complaints

One Energy Head Office

PO Box 234




We want to resolve your complaint immediately, we will strive to satisfy any matters of complaint, investigate matters thoroughly, provide you with an explanation, confirm what actions need to be taken and advise how to proceed appropriately moving forwards.


In the third Instance

If the senior complaints team are unable to resolve your complaint, then it will be then escalated to the director Mrs L Francis. At this point a resolution that you are happy with must be implemented.


If your complaint is unresolved after 8 weeks

Naturally, we want to resolve your complaint immediately. If you have followed the above steps, and your complaint is still unresolved, you have a right to contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service for free, independent advice service.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service is a government funded telephone and online service offering information and advice on consumer issues.

You can contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0344 411 1444 or online at www.citizensadvice.org.uk.

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