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Switching Has Never Been So Easy!

If you’re a business owner, we appreciate that concerns may be raised when switching energy provider. We understand that you want the switch to run as smoothly as possible, whilst minimising stress and business disruption. One Energy provides services that allow any business to quickly and easily switch energy suppliers without the hassle. We’ve streamlined our service so that you can easily get a quote. Simply, choose whether you would like electricity or gas and then enter your details.

If you are in a contract with a supplier already.

We will request to have a look at your most recent energy invoice. This will show us what you are currently paying, when the contract with that supplier ends and your meter information.

We will then send you a proposal showing what you can save in pounds by moving your energy to One Energy until your current contract with your energy supplier ends.

The proposal will then show the costings of your energy moving forwards depending on how long you want to be in a contract for.

Therefore, a totally transparent proposal showing what you will save and what your energy will cost you after that therefore helping with your cashflow forecasts.

If you are happy with the proposal we will send you a contract and dd mandate to sign as well as a letter of authority that will need signing to be able to contact your current supplier to let them know that you are happy for One Energy to contact them.

If you are looking just for a quote

All you need to do is send us the following:

Your Address

S Number and MPAN

Your Annual Consumption

If you are a large site and have a half hourly meter, then we will need a years’ worth of half hourly data – you can request this from your current supplier.

Once we receive the information, we will send you a quote. However, if you are searching the market, we are usually able to beat any market rate. Please send over proof of your best quote and we will try our hardest to beat it.

It is so easy to transfer to One Energy.