Did you know that 74% of greenhouse gases in our delicate atmosphere come from burning energy? Carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere all the time and the One Energy team are worried about it. The greenhouse effect is heating up our precious Earth and causing imbalances for us humans and wildlife alike putting us at risk of constant global warming! As a responsible energy company we thought that we must do something about this problem and ensure that we all have a safe place to live.

As a UK based company we believe that there’s nowhere better to start then at home, which is why we have joined hands with the Woodland Trust and become involved in the very important Plant a Tree Scheme.

When we found out about this scheme the powers that be at One Energy thought that it was an excellent way of trying to counter balance all the bad gases in the atmosphere from the energy that we generate by planting new trees into woods all over the UK, putting goodness back into the world.

This is because woods and trees are essential to life. They have countless benefits for both us people and wildlife. They stabilise soil, generate oxygen, store carbon and provide habitat’s to an enormous variety of animals, bird and insects, all of which contribute the Earths eco system. As trees grow they absorb the carbon dioxide that we are putting into the atmosphere and lock it away for decades or even centuries. By being involved in the Plant a Tree Scheme we can increase the number of trees which will lock away even more carbon dioxide and so reducing one of the greenhouses gases heating up our Earth. Not only do they lock away the carbon dioxide, trees breathe it in and breathe out oxygen. People, animals and trees need to live side by side to ensure that we all have good clean air to breath.

By joining the Plant a Tree Scheme and increasing the number of trees in the UK we will help to provide good clean air for everyone. Don’t forget that we humans are also expanding our habitats, reducing our wildlife’s habitats. By planting more trees in new and old woods we can help the animals have a safe place to live.

We at One Energy know how important the natural environment is and definitely believe that it needs to be protected and helped as much as we can. This is why every single month we will be planting trees in different woods all over the UK in conjunction with The Woodland Trust. Please visit their website to find out even more – www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

Please have a look at our link to show which woods we have planted in each month. Here at One Energy we are proud to be doing our bit for the Earth and everything in it. You can help as well by choosing One Energy as your energy provider. The more customers that we have, the more trees we can plant to make the UK a nicer, cleaner place to live… Easy!!!