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Save your business money on electricity

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Save on business electricity costs by switching to leading business electricity supplier One Energy.

Do you want cheaper electricity for your business ? Contact business electricity suppliers One Energy today for a free quote on 0845 226 2653.

Our team of business energy consultants are able to search the leading UK’s commercial energy providers in order to bring your business the best electricity prices on the market. We have access to the best electricity rates and products in the UK and have been supplying electricity to business’s for over ten years.

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Save on business electricity costs today

Below are some tips to save on your business electricity;

* Use natural lighting where necessary in your business premises as oppose to light bulbs that use electricity.

* Use “task” lighting – “Task” lighting is lighting use in order to complete a task, for example as oppose to lighting a whole room within your business premises where it is only necessary to light up a certain part or the work area in order for the workforce to complete a set task. Lamps and under-counter lighting are an ideal electricity saver for your business.

* Unplug used electrics – Standby power can account for up to 10% of a business’s electricity use over the year, unplug all electronics devices where possible to save on your business electricity costs.


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