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Business Electricity Prices

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What affects business electricity prices ?

There are several factors that affect your businesses electricity prices and it isn’t just a case of the electricity suppliers wanting to make extra money.

As a consumer you will realise that your businesses electricity varies and will go up and down thoughout the years, this article will hopefully make your electricity bills a little easier to stomach.

It may seem like a peculiar concept that weather can affect your business electricity prices, but it does have an impact.

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FILE PHOTO: A crew boat passes through Horns Rev 2, a wind farm off the west coast of Denmark near Esbjerg September 15, 2009. REUTERS/Bob Strong/File Photo

Your business may have experienced power cuts during large storms and other types of severe weather. This indicates that atmospheric conditions are causing damage to power lines and distribution systems – all of which have to be paid for to be repaired.

This is not as much of an issue for one-off events, however, prolonged destructive weathering can incur massive costs for business energy suppliers which are then filtered down to the consumer.

So, how do I reduce my business electricity bills?

We pride ourselves on being able to provide up to date expertise on how to reduce your business electricity bills, we recommend the following:

  • Get in touch with a One Energy business energy expert and review your business electricity prices and contracts. You may be using a tariff that is unsuited to your needs, which could be costing you more than it should.
  • Research and implement energy saving measures
  • Stay energy savvy! If you are on a variable or flex tariff, then it is extremely important that you keep an eye on current affairs as they directly affect what you could be paying for your business electricity contracts.


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